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  • Perfect for use as a mental starter

  • Generate unlimited worksheets using the Excel program

  • 15 ready-made worksheets in pdf form, ready to print

  • Practise times tables in 3 different ways: times table facts; division facts; missing number questions

  • Download trial program for free now (Desktop site only)

With the government pressing ahead with plans to test children on their times tables as part of the SATs assessments, there has never been a more important time to make sure your children know these important facts.

Our 'Mastering Times Tables' series provides an unlimited amount of worksheets through our unique Excel number generator. Each sheet provides 30 questions in three sections - Times Tables Facts, Division Facts and Missing number calculations - to make sure children really are 'mastering times tables'. Answers are also provided. 

The sheets provide an excellent, and easy-to-prepare, mental starter. Download our trial version to see how easy it is to generate and print a new sheet.

The program comes with a pdf of 12 pre-generated, ready-to-print times tables worksheets and the program to create as many as you want for yourself.

For school orders, if you prefer to pay via invoice, click here to download an order form

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